How to Care for Your H+H Garden Pieces

Wearing/ Using

Wearable Pieces

We advise that you do not expose your garden pieces to any alcohol-based products including perfume and hairspray. The contents of these products will damage the surface of your piece and overtime, will cause a residue build up that will affect both the quality and appearance of your piece. As such, we advise to apply any alcohol-based product before wearing any H+H jewelry and let it dry first before putting it close to your skin.  

We also advise not to sleep in your wearable garden jewelry to protect it from scrapes. While resin is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. Please refrain from showering, bathing, or swimming with your wearable piece still on.

While the bails and metals of your piece are layered with a protectant to make them stronger, please do not tug on harshly to them to prevent breakage.


Display (home décor) & Stationery

Keep your resin piece in a spot where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures as this will cause fading of the inclusions and discoloration of the resin. Note that inclusions in your piece have different levels of photosensitivity. It is a natural process for these inclusions to fade over time.


Your coasters should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Celsius. Do not keep it close to high heat sources including stoves, microwave ovens, and other cookware. H+H Coasters are not designed for putting food directly onto them.



After each use, buff your wearable pieces using a soft, clean cloth as your natural bodily oils may cause residue build up over time. Doing so will prevent the damage to the surface of your resin piece and to the metals where they are attached.

Use a damp microfiber or silk cloth in polishing your jewelry. If extensive cleaning is necessary, use a few drops of mild dish soap diluted in water to clean it. DO NOT EXPOSE your jewelry to any harsh chemicals. While there are products marketed as jewelry cleaners, these may be abrasive for your wearable piece and may lead to damage or discoloration.

After washing, dry with a soft, clean cloth. Do not air dry. All of these apply to your resin display, stationery, and coasters as well.



Prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke may cause your resin piece to discolor. When smoking, we advise that you take off your jewelry. In the case of resin display, stationery, and coasters, please smoke in another area where the residue will not be encased in the room where your resin pieces are.



It is best to store your jewelry in its original packaging or in a jewelry box. Wrap it in a soft and non-abrasive cloth and place it away from other plated jewelry to prevent tarnishing. For displays, stationery, and coasters, wrap them in a clean soft cloth then store in their original packaging or in a cool, dry place.


Final Notes

Every piece has been crafted with great care and thought. It is the client’s responsibility to treat the Garden Pieces with utmost love and care to safeguard its longevity.