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It was not an exact time, place, or thought with which Handmade+Homemade was materialized.  But one thing is definite - H+H started with the dream of establishing a Candy Cafe where locally and traditionally-made candies and sweets will be celebrated.


We started working towards this dream early in 2020 by offering Turon, an afternoon snack that we are all fond of, or at least, familiar with.  We named it “Candy Turon” afterwards as we innovated flavors featuring sweet and candy-like fillings.




Too, we began exploring another art form - resin preservation.  Early on our journey, we have already been crafting using weeds and other local botanicals.  In the learning process, we pour our efforts to contribute to the agricultural community by increasing awareness of how to utilize what is locally available and inspiring the rediscovery of Philippine agriculture through handcrafting.




In every project that we take on, we strive to influence and motivate the Filipino youth to be proud and supportive of local ingredients, flavors, and talents even while enjoying other cultures.




H+H aims to rediscover and explore local agriculture through food and crafts.


We want to help bring a different light to Philippine agriculture especially during these challenging times.  We are working to strengthen our sense of community as we envision a society that looks up to agriculture and its different facets.


With that, we aim to build a community of consumers and makers where we share the same passion of producing and consuming healthy food options for a better and healthier generation.




We aim to connect consumers with farmers and makers by highlighting a local ingredient in our product innovations. We want to spread awareness about the farm-to-table concept and encourage everyone to practice mindful food consumption to help alleviate our agribusiness while preserving our culture and heritage in our food process.



We help busy professionals spend less time in the kitchen so they can have a more relaxed lifestyle and increased productivity while getting access to quality food options